[AMPS] Tune/load caps

Jim Strohm jstrohm@texas.net
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 22:28:34 -0600

KG6DV@cs.com sez--

>I have some motor driven air variables from a Kenwood AT-250 that with or
>without padding I intend to use with either an amp or antenna tuner.  I
>remember seeing in an old QST or CQ magazine (very old 1970's) a formula
>used to estimate the value (pf) of  air variables.  Anyone know of a way I
>can approximate the value of these things.  I can call Kenwood parts, but
>I would like to know a method of estimating these for when I find some off
>brand surplus or others.

ARRL handbooks have an equation that allows guesstimating the value of a
capacitor if you can measure plate number, area, and spacing.

Here's a URL for a fun tool I got:


It's a digital LC meter -- I got the kit, took me about an hour to put
together (my galfriends complain that I'm too fast), and I've been using it
a LOT the past few days.  It's nice.  The purveyor, Neil, is tuned into web
commerce and you can order online -- my kit arrived in like three days.

Read the reviews ... this tool is even better than they say!  No, I don't
get a nickel for every one I sell.


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