[AMPS] cheap cap meter

skipp isaham nospam4me@juno.com
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 18:51:02 -0800

I've got to throw in a pitch for simplicity. A basic LCD 
Display Cap meter can be bought for $49 or less. I've 
seen kits by Rainbow and others which adapt a small 
circuit and a volt meter to a basic cap value meter. 
>From memory, said kits run about $8
The el cheap'o cap meter I bought years ago from 
Fuji Svea (remember them Rich..?) resolves well 
down to less than 5pf.  Import cap meters abound 
on Ebay and the Electronics Supply Stores. 
Sometimes one might spend a little money to save a 
lot of time.  Avoids beating the dead horse again. 
Real economy and home brew types can find 
simple circuits in the handbook which allow one 
to measure cap values. 
Your results will probably vary.
> I have some motor driven air variables from a Kenwood AT-250 that with 
> or without padding I intend to use with either an amp or antenna tuner.

>  I remember seeing in an old QST or CQ magazine (very old 1970's) a 
> formula used to estimate the value (pf) of  air variables.  Anyone know

> of a way I can approximate the value of these things.  I can call 
> Kenwood parts, but I would like to know a method of estimating these
> when I find some off brand surplus or others.
> Thanks
> Ron KH6DV

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