[AMPS] FS: commercial 3-500Z rf deck

Lane Zeitler ku7i@hotmail.com
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 16:09:35 -0800

This is one of those unfinished projects. I picked up this RF deck around a 
year ago with the intent of getting it on the air but once again, too many 
irons in the fire so here it is....

Northern Radio Company (NRC) model N542 dual 3-500Z amp for sale. It is 
channelized in that you can select up to 6 different channels from the front 
panel. The operating range is 2-30 mhz and each channel covers a certain 
freq range, like 2-6, 6-12, etc. Not sure exactly of the freq range of each 
channel but you get the idea. It is in a 19 inch rack mountable chassis. 
There are three sides to this cabinet with the left side only partially 
there. This is not missing, this is actually how it is desgined. This thing 
is designed to slide into a 19 inch rack that is fully enclosed for added 
RFI protection.  There are two handles on the front panel for grabbing the 
thing. There is one meter only and the range is 0 to 1.0. There is a meter 
select switch that allows you select Po, Ik, Vp, Ip. There is a channel 
select swith (rotary) that lets you select channels 1-6 and there is another 
rotary switch next to it that selects "local-remote".  There is a power 
on/off switch with power on indicator light and a filament on/off switch 
with a filament power indicator light. The front panel is 15 1/2 " tall so 
you will need a tall cabinet to slide this into. Taller than the easy to get 
75A4 cabinets. I have never applied power to this so it is being sold 
completely as-is. You will need to add a filament choke since the original 
was removed (not by me). The filament xmfr is part of this deck. This thing 
was originaly designed for commercial oil and cargo ships at sea and other 
than the B+ needs 120vac, single phase. Sorry, no documentation on it. The 
rf output pi-network uses a Pi-L. Looks like the main L in the o/p tank is 
the heavier B&W stock. The upper freq range of the coil uses 3/16" tubing. 
B&W model 800 plate choke. There are six seperate 4500 volt rated air 
variables, one for each band with the lowest having more pF than the 
highest. Not sure of the pF values but the caps are not that long, only 
around 4 inches. The tank selector switch is motorized. One RF input on the 
rear and six RF outputs, one for each band. Eimac SK-410 air system sockets 
installed (no chimneys). Also built into it is a Drake 3300 low pass filter. 
I am sorry that I do not have any picture available. There are a lot of RF 
doorknob caps in this, I count 16. There are six seperate air variables used 
in the loading side and most of the RF doorknobs are in parallel with these 
smaller air variables.

The front panel is very nice, the underside of the chassis is super clean 
and there is some corrosion on the top side of the chassis but not terrible.

I would like $125 for this plus actual shipping charges using UPS ground. I 
have a little more than this tied up into it but think that this is fair. My 
zip is 92139 and the weight is about 45 pounds. I would need a US Postal MO 
or certified bank check only.

San Diego
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