[AMPS] blower

measures 2@vc.net
Fri, 4 May 2001 06:56:50 -0700

>hello!,i got an redmond blower with the following data. 2600 rpm 0.45A 230v
>py=50..detail number us "BL248" i need to know how mutch is blows and so
>on.i cant find anything on the net about it plz i reealy need some help with
My unexpert advice is:  tape the blower outlet to a cardboard box.   Add 
a socket, tube, and manometer.  Switch on the blower and measure the 
actual pressure.  

>best regards to the gods of amps@contesting.com
Thomas -- there are no "gods" on AMPS.  However, we have one 
self-recognized "expert".  


-  Rich..., 805.386.3734, www.vcnet.com/measures.  

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