[AMPS] Expulsion policy on AMPS

2 2@vc.net
Fri, 25 May 2001 05:17:51 -0700

WARNING - this post is too long and quite likely to be too boring.   

>on 5/24/01 9:12 AM, 2 at 2@vc.net wrote:
>>>> This reflector is basically privately owned and administered by a
>>>> board moderator for the board owner.
>>    What "Board"?  I thought this was a computer running the Majordomo
>> mail-list application.
>The "board" is the reflector.  They are synonyms, Rich.  

  not in my Thesaurus, Jon.

> Board is short for
>"bulletin board" as in the electronic kind.
  When I was in Junior High School, the "board" was a paddle used to 
discipline bad boys.  I have never before heard of a bulletin-board being 
called a "board".  

>Secondly, a computer that someone has to pay for is hosting the Majordomo
>list program.  Thirdly, that server has to somehow be connected to the
>internet.  Lastly, the domain name has to be paid for every year.
>Mr. Bill Fisher, W4AN, is effectively, the "owner" of all of this hardware
>whether by directly owning it or by leasing space on someone else's server

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