[AMPS] Beer?

Steve Katz stevek@jmr.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 07:32:59 -0700

Yes, we can buy Anchor Steam here in L.A.

I was very surprised to hear about Samuel Adams available in Sweden,
however.  Last I toured their headquarters factory in South Boston (only two
years ago), they had a map showing everywhere their beer was available, and
Europe wasn't even on the map.  I hope they've taken their recipe there and
are making it locally, and not shipping it across the ocean.  And I hope
they relocated some of the yeast from the original batch, since a lot of the
magic is there.  (They get their hops from Bavaria, anyway, and always did.)


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> >I can certainly recommend "Anchor Steam", unfortunately only available in
> >the S.F. Bay Area.
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> >Vy 73 de OZ1PIF, Peter
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> I live about 500km South of S.F.  I have seen Anchor Steam 48-bottle 
> cases for sale here.
> cheers, Peter
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