[Amps] Design around an 8938 for 432MHz, circa 1980?

Steve Thompson g8gsq@qsl.net
Sun, 21 Jul 2002 15:36:24 +0000

On Sunday 21 July 2002 13:54, Einar Persson wrote:
> Hi all
> Anyone familiar with this 432MHz amplifier model, built around 1980?
> The tube is a 3CX1500C7/8938 and it is a stripline type amplifier,
> similar to the one
> described by K1FO in the ARRL UHF/SHF book, but this one has slightly
> different
> sizes on the box/stripline and a different input circuit.
> The stripline is made of thick (3.2mm) circuit board material and the
> plate tuning capacitor
> is only one "flapper".
> Is there anyone who knows where I can find the description of this
> amplifier design?
I have a copy of an article by Tony Souza, W3HMU, that matches your 
description. It comes from Ham Radio, June 1977.

I can send you a copy (contact me directly) or I can scan it and put it on a 
web page if there's general interest.