[Amps] RE: The Great Equalizer

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Tue, 23 Jul 2002 20:52:57 -0700

>Blowers blow and fans suck.
>Ive got both on all my HB amplifers and, as near as I can tell, they
>work well.
The telling is in inlet/outlet temp rise of air. 

>Since this subject has gotten way off topic, I'd like to mention my
>latest use of a big, DC electric fan:  On a QRO car.
>The installation of a 502 CID, fuel injected, 600 HP, 600 foot pounds of
>torque engine in my 2800 pound 1968 Corvette roadster resulted in
>considerable over-heating.  I removed the engine-driven fan, and
>installed a large multi-blade electric fan on the in side of the
>Thermostatically controlled, it comes on at 160 degrees and keeps the
>engine below 200 degrees.
>This car/engine/fan is sort of like Rich's 8171 amplifier.
In other words, a fun, educational project - and little else?

cheers, Barrie

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