[Amps] Blowers

Richard 2@mail.vcnet.com
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 06:53:37 -0800

>Hi all - 
>A blower related question - I have a Dayton 4C006 blower. The
>published ratings for it start at a static pressure of 1/2 in
>and go up to 1.2 in. there is a note in the 0 inch static pressure
>column which says - "overloaded, do not operate under .5 in SP"
>I've asked my friendly neighborhood Granger dealer why that is
>and they have no idea. Anybody know?
  Typical centrifugal blower design is such that that under a critical 
delivery rate, air pressure drops due to cavitation.  In other words, it 
may take some holes in the chassis (preferably under the tank coil) to 
stop the problem.  Cavitation can be heard since the air makes a 
buffeting noise like it's getting confused instead of flowing through 

  Editorial -- A manometer allows one to see this problem beforehand.  
Typical construction cost is <$2.  Basic tools for amplifier builders 
are:   a DMM, a hi-pot tester, and a manometer.  An LC meter, a HV 
multiplier probe and a dipmeter are also useful. 

cheers, Frank

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