[Amps] Re: HV Voltmeters

carl seyersdahl carlseye@tampabay.rr.com
Sat, 23 Mar 2002 13:44:25 -0500

You might want to open that meter and see if there's a shunt inside. Frankly
, I don't remember seeing any meters with 100 or 500 ma. basic movements. ,
but I have seen some with shunts inside and scales for the higher current
levels!!!! .02 cents worth!!
   carl / kz5ca
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> Many thanks to everyone who answered my post - there were a heck of a lot
of you! Good to know there are so many people around who are prepared to
> It looks like the best solution is to change the meter for a 1mA one.
> I thought the meter value seemed high, but some of the parts for the PSU
came from an old PSU I bought off a ham who was giving up and he had used a
500mA meter to measure the HT voltage, so I guessed my 100mA one was ok! I
should have realised from all the dodgy construction practices I found when
I dismantled his psu that I shouldn't base anything on his judgement!!! We
live and learn!
> 73 de David GM4WLL
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