[Amps] HV Voltmeters

Richard 2@mail.vcnet.com
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 08:35:18 -0800

>Yes, there are special resistors rated for high voltage use,  however they 
>are very expensive and you usually have to meet the minimum line item price 
>requirement when you place an order.

  Indeed.  I buy MOF and MF resistors for the biz in boxes of 1k.  I can 
not get a reasonable price on 500v electrolytics unless I buy 1k. 

cheers, Bill 
>At 06:56 AM 3/23/02 -0800, Richard wrote:
>>  In my experience, the max-V-ratings of ordinary resistors are somewhat
>>lower.  However, I have seen some Dale 5w, resistors that are rated at
>>15kV.  The conductive film is a long spiral.

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