[Amps] Amp Problem Still

Ed edw3nr@nexband.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 20:29:40 -0500

Well no joy in Hooterville. I ended my search for no idling plate current by
replacing all 4 811s with a couple of known good ones. Still show grid
current, but no idling plate current. Meters and shunts are good, the glitch
diodes also checkout. Evidently I'm left with no plate voltage. But other
than the 10 ohm resistor (which checked good) there is nothing else in line
back to the rectifier board. So now to "rig" a plate voltage circuit in the
amp. Geesh I hate playing with HV.....it can hurt you bad....real bad. Guess
I'll have to tap off the top of the choke, as it is the easiest to get to.
Any other ideas as to what to look at for a cause ? I'm fresh out.


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