[Amps] Drake L4B Components

w2cqm at juno.com w2cqm at juno.com
Fri Jan 31 22:32:29 EST 2003

Offering the following parts removed from several  near mint retrofitted 
Drake L4B  projects:

a. 8 Orange OEM power supply  filter capacitors.  200uF at 450VDC  clean.
Tested/hi potted  OK  $35

b. Porcelain HV plate choke with 2  OEM ceramic  blocking capacitors on 
drilled mounting brackets and all hdwe $55

c. Porcelain HV plate choke with bracket and mica base  insulator. No
caps $35 

d. Antenna and plate tune air variable  capacitors. Bright and shiny No
burn marks. $35 each $70 pr. 

e. L4B ( tuned input/bandswitch) cog drive belt with 2 shaft mounted cog
gears  $25 

f. Standby/operate push pull ALC front panel switch with cable and ALC
board. Tests perfectly  $55

g. Complete interlock mechanism with all mounting hdwe. $10

h. Rear panel two pin female relay socket  (no plug) with diode, hdwe, 
and capacitors    $8

i. Drake L4B bandswitch. Pristine $45

j. L4B antenna relay 3PDT like new  No RF burn marks $45

k.  Pr. Starburst OEM aluminum plate  heat dissipating caps w/ parasitic
choke/coil resistor assemblies and brackets Like new  $55

All components plus shipping! Ron W2CQm/3

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