[Amps] re: KLV-2000

skipp isaham nospam4me at juno.com
Fri Jan 31 20:40:12 EST 2003

KLV brand amplifiers are Italian made... at least the 
ones I've previously seen. H&Y Electronics is a CB 
type Dealer reselling them. 
KLV also makes some solid state and smaller 
tube amplifiers.    Their other tube amplifiers use 
the EL-509/519 "sweep type" valve. 
I don't care to get into the moral or legal issues 
of the amplifier... they are made overseas and 
imported and sold by various re sellers here 
(legal or not) and in many other countries. 
On the technical side, they are modest but 
pretty solid...  type accepted Amateur Amplifiers 
sold in the past (Dentron, Amp Supply and a 
few others) were much worse. 
The price indicates greed on the re seller's part, 
I've seen this and similar amplifiers sold for 
much less.  I do not have one... 
The specs are realistic and don't promise 
the moon.  Nothing wrong with a receiver 
preamplifier stage included.   The problem 
as proven to me many times on 40 & 80 is that 
many stations running gas don't hear nearly 
as well as they should. 
> everybody rush out to get your's today. only 2000 bucks 
> for what looks to be an el cheap o dual 572b amp. >>

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