[Amps] Mail Order Operations

Jim Isbell millenniumfalcon at cableone.net
Tue Sep 2 09:48:39 EDT 2003

Harold B. Mandel wrote:

>Personal experience has taught me to shy away from remote deals.
I agree to an extent.  But there can be extenuating circumstances.  I am 
right now working on a swap to Australia from the US.  When I first 
offered to swap my Collins Microphone for a station console I received 
an offer from Oz.  My first response to the offer was NO.  I told him I 
was sorry but I could not do it because if I shipped the mike and he 
didn't ship the console I would be SOL. I hated to turn down the deal 
because I really wanted to do the swap, but I was just plain scared.

He came back to me and offered to send the console to me with a return 
coupon so that I could look at it.  If I liked it I would then send the 
mike or if I didn't like it I would send it back at his expense.  Now 
that is a deal I cant refuse.  I haven't got the package yet, but I am 
sure I will like it.  This guy has enough confidence in the quality of 
his product that he is willing to bet the loss of two way shipping.

Another factor that can help on long distance is a Ham call.  At least 
you can look the guy/gal up on the QRZ site.  You can verify that the 
FCC has an address for them.  Yes, there are crooks with FCC calls, but 
even with them, you have an address that you can, pretty much, rely on. 
 Not always, but its rare when you cant.


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