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I'm going to pretend you weren't trolling and answer your question:  What
they are saying is that when they key the mike, without talking, the
wattmeter reads 200 watts and when they talk loud the wattmeter reads 1200

To accomplish this they modify the original 4 watt transmitter so that it
puts out 4 watts when the key is closed and puts out 25 watts when they talk
loud.  Of course the circuits are saturated on AM, there is no headroom for
the audio and the output has a real square wave appearance on the scope.  To
top this off they run this "square wave generator" into several non-linear
amps and even more interesting stuff comes out.  The idea here is that the
"swing" will overcome the receiver AGC and the signal really does sound
LOUD, of course without any measure of quality at all.  Another interesting
outcome of this distortion is that the signal is so wide that less power is
being delivered on the desired frequency than it would be if the whole
operation were cleaned up.  Generally speaking, if you like CB you will also
like Rap music.

If you are looking on ebay for an amp, make sure it has an output filter.
CB amps have no output filters are dirty at any power level !



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At the present time there are 144 amplifiers for sale on EBAY. 68 of them
are CB amps and 76 could be considered Ham amplifiers.
Can some one explain statements like "dead keys 200 watts swings to 1200
watts" I don't think I ever read this spec in any Eimac or other literature.

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