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CLIVE COLLINS dartaviation at btopenworld.com
Tue Jun 1 19:23:47 EDT 2004

Good evening Gentlemen,
I am a new member located in the United Kingdom on the North Wales Coast with the call sign GW3WEQ.
As this is my first posting to the group, I offer my apologies if I make any errors of protocol and ask your indulgence until I get to know how the group works.
I am looking for information on a power tube with a reference number of CV 6131 that appears to be a triode of robust proportions with an all-glass construction and a top cap connected Anode.
i also am looking for details of a tube marked only 8020 that is certainly a rectifier and again of robust construction with a capacity in voltage that I would anticipate is well past 15 kv.  Any information on either of these tubes would be most gratefully received.
I have currently for disposal three capacitors rated at 4 microfarads with a working voltage of 4kv shown on the casing by General Electric of America. These are brand new and still in makers cartons unopened and waxed sealed for tropicalisation storage and still with the safety wire on the terminals )on the one I opened for my own interest.price $35 each plus shipping probably by surface mail due to weight.
Should you be interested please contact me direct on my e mail address dartaviation at btopenworld.com there are also some high power tubes for disposal that are definately surplus to my requirements as I am building a linear with four 813's in it.
The tubes are triodes with a type number of CV3926 and are of external anode construction.
These are an equivalent to English Electric Valve Co. BR1165C and according to the book are rated at about five kilowatts with a filament (heater) voltage of 12.6 volts but at 33 (yes 33 !) amps  The devices are base-less construction relying on clamp connections for the pins and a finger stock ring for the grid connection  Anode voltage is given at between four and six kv. Of particular application in grounded grid form
These are HEAVY and I suggest that they are shipped surface mail not airfreight unless you are desparate!!
These are ex Rugby Radio (GBR) with low hours.and advised to be in first class condition but I certainly have no way of testing them.  For a start, where would I get 12 volts at 33 amps from?
If these are of interest contact me direct.  ($100 each plus freight please)
kindest regards and all good wishes,
Clive GW3WEQ

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