[Amps] SB cabinets

carl seyersdahl carlseye at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Jun 2 08:29:48 EDT 2004

   I have here two cabinets for the SB series heathkits!!!
    Both of them have hinged tops, which lead me to think they are for the
"transceivers" and not the SB 200 amps.
   I also see four screw holes on the bottom which don't match the cabinet
bottoms either. Is there someone out there that will look at their SB200/201
and tell me if the chassis is bolted to the cabinet bottom , or maybe just
in the back??? I also wonder if there might have been a bottom plate on the
amps, altho I've never seen one , but then These things go a long way back
and I've only just begun ( 4-5 yrs)  working on them !!! (Last one two yrs
    any info would be appreciated .!!!!  If I have the wrong cabinets for
the amps, would anyone have the right ones they might care to swap.????
      thanks !!!!!
      carl / kz5ca

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