[Amps] rebuilding glass tubes

R.Measures r at somis.org
Fri Jun 4 13:53:09 EDT 2004

=F0  Vic  -- The type of power-grid tubes that are normally rebuilt are=20=

those with thoriated tungsten filaments and ceramic-metal construction.=20=

  However, rumour has it that someone is rebuilding 8877s.    --  cheerz

On Jun 4, 2004, at 7:39 AM, Vic Rosenthal wrote:

> R.Measures wrote:
>> ?  Econco reportedly tried rebuilding 4-1000As but it proved to=20
>> economically unfeasible.  The advantage of ceramic-metal tubes is=20
>> that they are literally silver-soldered together, so they may - if=20
>> required - be disassembled, repaired, and re-soldered.  However, most=20=

>> worn out ceramic-metal tubes only need to be re-carburized with=20
>> acetylene gas and re-pumped to restore full function for c. another=20=

>> 20k hours of operation.
> Can the 3CX800A7 be rebuilt?  I am happy with my Alpha 86, but the=20
> thought of eventually needing to replace the tubes at current prices=20=

> is scary.
> --=20
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