[Amps] Replacement Cap Mounting Board Henry 2k-Classic Console

Harold Mandel ka1xo at juno.com
Mon Apr 3 13:53:20 EDT 2006


The material is called Glastic GPO-3.

PWD uses sheets of it on their bigger transformers for the HV connections.


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What you have there is good for this. Now, you can get that pink colored
insulation board. I can never remember the name of it, but I know Hal Mandel
uses it. It's good stuff that can really withstand HV. Matter of fact, they
make molded standoffs with the stuff. It's used on transformers and in power
centers all the time. If any on here knows the name, please let us know
again, hi hi. Plain epoxy board (without the copper) is good also if you
don't want to etch the traces.

On thing about drilling that board where it wont chip. Use drills pointed
with a sharper angle on the end, and not the shallower ones designed for
steel. The ones they have now with the starter point is excellent. I think
Black & Decker calles their drill line like this "Bullet"? Another thing
that makes it easy to produce a good hole is using a center drill like used
in a lathe. They have a really steep angle of 60 degrees. You don't need a
center punch when using them. If you had one the same OD as the screw
terminal, you could drill the whole thing with it. They do go from about
3/16" up to about 3/4" OD+. Any machine shop supply will have them or maybe



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>In a message dated 04/02/06 19:29:36 Eastern Standard Time, rich at n7tr.com
>So  here is the question....This looks like Phenolic type basalite  board
>(Brown).  Anyone used something newer or recommend what I can  use to
>replace the stock board with?  I have a drill press, so no  issues
>re-drilling a new board.   Or if there are boards already  built for 8
>Screw-in Caps....better  yet.
>Rich N7TR
>ex  KI3V, N3AMK, WB3JOV
>Hi Rich
>Nice call.....  ;-))
>I just did a board for my NCL2000.  I used some 3/16 XX black bakelite 
>I used to provide to Antique Radio Supply in Tempe AZ.  
>I used the prong-type 105*C radial cans; in series/parallel.  I  drilled
>chamfered the holes, then installed 1/4" grommets, and peened them  in
>with a nail set.  [The only way I could configure them to fit in  the
>housing in the rig.]
>The caps click in.  The shunts wedge nicely.  Solder gives you a  very
>seal and fill.
>Got some extra if ya need it.  Lemme know if ya need a pix.
>Unca Billy
>_n3tr at arrl.net_ (mailto:n3tr at arrl.net) 
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