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> I recently bought some replacement filter caps  for my Clipperton L.  
> It has been a very long time since I've purchased CAPS, and these 
> particular ones have some kind of mounting prongs --- four in all, 
> with three spaced about 1/4 inch apart in an arc at one side of the 
> base, and another one directly opposite the center ptong.  I found no 
> mention of sockets for these, nor a template ((if I wanted to replace 
> the old didoe/filter board and drill all new holes)).
> Anyone have suggestions for mounting these?

Apply 4 buttons of silicone-rubber to flat end, position on insulating 
board and allow si-rubber 24-hrs to cure.  Wire caps with hookup wire.  
A 3w, 100k MOF resistor can be used to bleed each cap and equalize V.
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