[Amps] Smith Chart program

Steve Thompson g8gsq at eltac.co.uk
Thu Apr 26 02:59:48 EDT 2007

Jim Tonne wrote:
> Gents:
> I am toying around with writing a Windows program
> for the Smith Chart.  I have two questions for the group:
> 1.   What would you like to see (or avoid) in such a routine?
> 2.   What program(s) do you currently use?
I use Motorola MIMP (which can still be found as freeware at 
www.pcb-pool.com). If you take the trouble to learn the keystroke 
commands rather than mouse clicks it's very quick to drive. It doesn't 
do the design for you so, using it to design something, you get to learn 
about matching networks and Smith charts.


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