[Amps] FW: attaching a heat spreader to a heat sink

Robert Bonner rbonner at qro.com
Thu May 24 20:10:12 EDT 2007

WOW, Water cooling.  On a 4  MRF-154 amp you would have the Mister Coffee


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Robert Bonner wrote:

> You cannot have a heatsink flat enough, and the spreader thick enough. If
> you could build the whole heatsink out of copper you'd be the real stud.
> You couldn't stand the smell of the hot raw copper though.  YUK.
There's always water cooling - solder some tubes onto the underside of 
the heat spreader (before you do the final flattening). No need for 
fancy pure water.

I've always wanted to try soldering a large coffee canister onto the 
spreader, mount the amp upside down and fill the can with water. If the 
diameter is large enough convection should avoid hotspots boiling.

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