[Amps] Single band amp design, and builder

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I would submit that buying 6 good multiband commercial 1500W amps on the 
used market would be cheaper and smaller than homebrew.

While I and many others here could build such a project I doubt if any have 
the necessary parts on hand to do 6 identical amps. Once the junque box is 
depleted new parts aint cheap no more. And quality parts at hamfests, etc 
have rapidly gone down hill.

Some candidate amps would be the Ten Tec Titan; Amp Supply LK780 & LK800A; 
Ameritron AL1200 & AL1500; B&W PT2500A; some Henry's. These have all been 
around long enough to be priced right and use readily available tubes.

For near 1500W the Amp Supply LK500Z is the one Ive used for almost 20 
years. In contest service even KQ2M couldnt hurt them.

A second tier would be various older Alphas; Dentron DTR2000L (with mods) 
and MLA2500. Here we get into pricey tube replacement or mods to be 

Ive skipped several and forgot many, others will have their own list of 


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> Hi All,
> I usually read the mail here.  But I am becoming interested in single band
> amps designed for 1500w.  Something robust for contest duty.
> 1). Wondering what design the experienced on the list would recommend.
> 2). Wondering if any on the list are available for hire to build said
> amps...one each for 10m-160m. No rush on time frame...just looking for
> someone who would enjoy getting paid for building some amps over a 2-3 
> year
> period.
> 73, Scott W3TX
> 73, Scott W3TX
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