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Also keep the nozzle the same distance from the work throughout the pass. 
Many novice painters have a tendency to twist their wrist in an arc.

Overlap each pass about 30-40%

Its better to lay down several thin coats than one heavy coat.

Read the instructions for the product and spray gun.

Practice, practice, practice on scrap first. With a 3 control HVLP gun you 
can adjust for perfection, do a professional job the first time and save a 
lot of $$ on paint.

Ive been painting custom cars and hot rods for decades and was taught by one 
of the best.


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> My dad, the furniture man, taught me how to
> spray paint with a pro gun or just with a spray can.
> The tricks include
> 1.  run the spray on and sweep past the end of the
> material (the rig case) so that u r spraying full
> blast out into the air at the end of each pass.
> If u stop spraying just at the end of the material,
> which one would normally think is ok, you will
> instead create a build-up mess on the outer edges.
> 2.  Begin the next spray pass by starting spraying
> prior to the paint actually touching the material.  Then
> make your sweep.
> 3.  Make your spraying motions absolutely at the
> same (and correct) speed, variations will create
> shallow or built-up spots.  The correct speed is
> almost obvious after one try, on something else.
> 4.  before u turn the case and go on to the other
> sides, allow the first surface painted to dry.  First
> timers using spray paint just can not avoid piling
> up new paint over the painted and that is ok if
> dry, but a mess if still wet.
> from Hank Harpole, dad, sk.....
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