[Amps] Question: Ship Vacuum Variables at minimum or maximum?

Alex Eban alexeban at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 12:06:05 PDT 2009

Probably the best thing to do is to unscrew the shaft and then screw it
slightly in until it just contacts the internal plunger. This is so that the
mechanism won't rattle in transit. Apart from that, just do what Bill said:
pack it well and then some more!
Alex	4Z5KS

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>Comments and advice welcome. The vacuum variables are Jennings UCS and
UCSL, by the way, if that matters.


That's a very good question Robert, but I think the best way is to
pack them so well it doesn't matter. I'm not trying to be a smarty
here, it's just that they are so delicate in any configuration that
you can't hardly have too much foam around them. The box should be
many times larger than the capacitor and well stuffed. 

73, Bill W6WRT
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