[Amps] Slightly off topic, refurbishing panels on older equipment

Mike & Becca Krzystyniak k9mk at flash.net
Mon Dec 20 07:37:30 PST 2010

   I have a model MB-V-A tuner made by Nye Viking.  I had it in
environmental storage for the past 10 years.  When I pulled it out there was
a very light dust settled on the on the face and top surfaces.  When I went
to wipe it down using a cotton cloth rag spritzed with windex, some of the
letters on the front panel partially disolved.  Almost like it was screen
printed with a water based ink.

   It was a long shot but Nye Viking has not answered my email or phone
calls on replacement parts or options.  Does anyone offer refurbishing
services to reprint panels for these puppies?  Plan C would be to label over
with dry transfers but does anyone know what FONT Viking used? 

Thanks in advance..

73's  Mike K9MK

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