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   Thanks!IMO, I would like use GI-7B or 813 in GG.
811A/572B with very short life especially   811A.
   My friends have some AL811/811H, the Chinese 
811A only have few hundred hours tube life.the 813 is 
better than 811A and 572B.I guess 813 with higher 
filment power/transmitting capability? 
 a problem, Chinese 572B with 125W Plate dissipation NOT 160W!
 This is the manufacturer's datasheet:http://www.tube.com.cn/en/product/productview.asp?id=65

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> Hsu,
> No idea.  I tried to kill one pair.  But there were other weakness of the amp (or rather, the age of the amp), which caused the last 
> failure and pushed the amp to backup role (the ancient bandswitch).  The tubes kept producing about the same power as when I started 
> working on the amp until the day I sidelined it.
> I built in hour-meters for both fil hours and key-down hours but never having finished the amp, I never did mount a set of "virgin" 
> tubes and reset the hour counters to do a proper study.
> I can say that I have a box of 572b - operated specifically within the recommend plate disipation, which died a slow death over 
> about the first 30-100 hours of key down performance.  The 572b is fine for SSB work.  But it's fickle for more demanding duty 
> cycles.  If a guy is going to build an amp, why buy the 572b, when for the same $$, he can have a pair of much tougher 572b.
> 73, Jeff ACØC
> www.ac0c.com
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> Jeff,
> In  your experience, how long tube life of GI-7B?
>           Hsu
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> I cannot think of a single reason, that means zero reasons, to build with a 572b.  The GI7B is a far far far far far superior tube
> (did I say far superior? hi hi) than the 572b.  And all the rest of the amp is essentially the same.  1 GI7B = 2 572b from a power
> standpoint.
> You can buy GI7BT at a reasonable price from QRO-STUFF.COM.  They will ship from a TX warehouse but the freight term is a bit odd.
> The way it works is you get the delivery from TX, but you pay for a partial shipment cost for the original transit from Russia -
> which is why the freight cost seems so high.
> 2500V is the sweet-spot for B+ on that tube as well.  A pair of them well ventilated will run about 1KW out on the lower bands and
> remain under the 700W plate dissipation limit for a pair.  Match that with the G3SEK triode control board and you will have a modern
> amp.
> Having said that, one thing to consider - it's often more expensive to build unless you have a lot of time to hunt around for parts
> on the cheap or unless you have a well stocked junkbox (most guys don't).  And to an extent, the same caviet applies to doing mods
> on something like an SB200 - I beleive I must have the only $3000 SB200 upgraded amp on the planet!  So if you are thinking you can
> build for less than buying, you can get pretty far toward your goals with an AL80 which is a much superior amp to an AL572 and uses
> a much more rugged tube.
> Good luck.
> 73, Jeff ACØC
> www.ac0c.com
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