[Amps] 4 large amps need TLC - recommendation requested

William Hein bill.aa4xt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 09:57:58 PDT 2011

I have four large amps that have been in storage for over ten years and need some "TLC" before I put them back into service.  I'd like a recommendation of a person or company who could check out and if necessary repair/update these amps.  I frequently drive to different parts of the U.S. and have a large truck so geographic proximity to my current Nashville QTH is not that important - more important to find someone who's "really good with amps" and understands hams.

The amps are:

	Henry 3006 (6m)
	Henry 3002 (2m)
	Henry 5K Classic (HF)
	Creative Electronics CE-2500-6E (6m) sn 04-9343

All four are floor-standing models and impressively large!

Thanks and 73,
Bill AA7XT ex-NT1Y ex-AA6TT

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