[Amps] Storage of 813 bases amplifier

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Thu Jan 3 21:21:03 EST 2013

   I should have said American Made 813s. It seems that the Chinese are making
graphite plate 813 these days.
Bill wa4lav

At 09:15 PM 1/3/2013 -0500, Bill Turner , Amps <amps at contesting.com> wrote:
>And where will you get replacement ones better than the ones you had?
>All the 813s are going to be old and sitting around.
>Bill wa4lav
>At 06:37 PM 1/2/2013 -0800, Bill Turner wrote:
>>On Tue, 1 Jan 2013 21:03:54 -0800 (PST), you wrote:
>> > What else do you recommend if anything?
>>Tubes do not get better sitting around, especially glass ones.
>>If the tubes are good now, sell them and buy replacements when the
>>time comes.
>>73, Bill W6WRT
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