[Amps] Henry 2K-3

Jim Valdes jvaldes at whoi.edu
Thu Jan 24 09:45:45 EST 2013

I'm new to the reflector, thanks in advance for any suggestions!
I have a 2K-3 I acquired from a local ham. I have adequate grid current 
(drive) on all bands however output power varies ... >1Kw on 75/80/15, 
600w on 40, 350 on 20. Looking 'in' with an MFJ analyzer from the output 
with a 2.2K to ground off the plates the best SWR I can achieve is in 
the high 2's to > 3:1, I suspect a bad band switch. The output network 
looks to be a Pi-L switched by two sections of the switch. DC wise the 
inductor shorts out the contacts so I can't make a measurement there. I 
tried 'looking' across the coils (in circuit) with the analyzer, the 
results are not very consistent. Isolating the inductors will be a major 
effort. I'd like to locate a set of replacement wafers for the switch 
before I start to disassemble. I've sent emails to Henry Radio, and 
radiodan.com - Anyone have a suggestions for additional sources or a 
replacement assembly?
Thanks, Jim

James R. Valdes, Senior Engineer
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Tel. 508-289-2263

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