[Amps] Ameritron AL-1500 inquiry

Jim Monahan K1PX at msn.com
Thu Jan 24 10:48:06 EST 2013

I have a later version of this amp that uses two Schrack sealed T/R relays
(1 - RTD14012F SPDT 16A and 1 - RTE24012F DPDT 8A both 12VDC) for
antenna switching mounted on a small board.

The manual shows the earlier version with the open frame 3PDT relay.

I use this amp occasionally and has had the problem of intermittent receive.
The relays have already been replaced once to solve the problem but it
has returned.

Does anyone have a mod or suggestion on how to solve this issue?

I have considered the W7RY QSK mod but I don't use QSK.

Thanks in advance.

Jim, K1PX

K1PX at msn.com

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