[Amps] Ameritron AL-1500 inquiry

k7fm k7fm at teleport.com
Fri Jan 25 11:21:00 EST 2013

"If you hate noisy clanking T-R relays like I do"

Jim:  Although I can appreciate the quietness, especially in those amps used 
with newer solid state transceivers, there is something romantic about the 
heavy clunk and clang of a high powered relay.  Can you imagine a Johnson 
500 or a BC-610 with a relay so quiet you do not know when you are 
transmitting?  Next thing you know, you will want a house wiring system 
where the lights do not dim.

How will you know when you are transmitting?

I learned long ago how to mount the relay to take advantage of natural 
resonances so that a wimpy AF-67 could sound like a KW.  It was even better 
to mount it near the mike so that all could share in the glory.

The ultimate transmitter was that of the Portland police department in the 
late 30s or early 40s.  They used to broadcast to the police cars on about 
1700 kcs (that was before they were kHz).  The problem was that Salt Lake 
City police department used the same frequency, and when a car was sent out 
on a mission, they did not know if it was the Salt Lake City police or the 
Portland Police.  The wise person in charge of radio in Portland came up 
with a solution.  He hooked a large clanger on the wall above the dispatch, 
so that when the dispatcher keyed the mike, the clanger would operate and 
Portland police knew it was a Portland callout.

Although it worked, there were some negatives, especially for the dispatch 
operator.  Finally, Portland hired a new man for the job - who happened to 
be W7VS.  He quickly arrived at a better solution and served faithfully for 
decades.  K7DVK now owns the clanger.

73,  Colin  K7FM 

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