[Amps] 8877 won't load on 80M

Dick NY1E dick at ny1e.com
Mon Jan 28 16:33:50 EST 2013

I don't have a signal source outside the bands, but with an antenna analyzer connected to the output and a 2300 ohm resister from plate to ground, it will tune to 1.2:1 SWR on on the analyzer set to 3750. Is that the same test?

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From: Colin Lamb <k7fm at teleport.com>
 Re: [Amps] 8877 won't load on 80M
To: dick at ny1e.com
Date: Monday, January 28, 2013, 9:12 AM

Hi Dick:

I suspect it is the pi-network inductance.  Had a problem recently with a home brew rig and finally figured out what the problem was.  If you have a wide band signal source, drive it with that, with the tuning controls mid scale, into a dummy load and see where the response frequency is.  Bet it is not near 80 meters.

Even a signal generator will work.

73,  Colin  

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