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While the GU91B ( made up as a never registered 4CX1600B for the US market) 
is long gone the HB circuit can easily be adapted to the 4CX1500B. Or just 
use the various earlier 4CX1000A/4CX1500B circuts in the older ARRL and West 
Coast handbooks.


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>>> so, do you have any point, link, etc where I can learn about *Design
>>> with valves* ???
>> The ARRL Handbook is a good place to start. Nearly everything you need is 
>> in
>> there and when you run across something that's not clear, just ask a
>> question here. Recent editions are usually available on eBay or 
>> amazon.com.
>> Don't get one more than about three years old.
> If you also get it on disk, it turns searching for a particular topic, 
> reference, quote, or author from minutes or hours into a few seconds.
> Although some of the older ones may have tubes/valves covered in more 
> detail.
> The theory is good, but many of the circuit designs may have a flaw or 
> two.
> Newer books will have newer material although some of the out dated stuff 
> gets dropped. OTOH they have had a 4CX1600B amp in there for quite a few 
> years. It's a nice amp but the tube was dropped from production years ago.
> They seem to change very little from year to year, but new stuff does get 
> added so, normally the latest is best and they have been on DVD for quite 
> a few years. You can install the book, or just copy the files and use a 
> link to the beginning to start it or click on setup application.
> There is an extensive section on Vacuum Tube Basics with the rest of the 
> chapter evolving into amplifier design.
> 73 and good luck,
> Roger (K8RI)
>> Good luck and have fun!
>> 73, Bill W6WRT
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