[Amps] Plate Choke question

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BUT again, he clearly stated he was interested in 20-10M including WARC with 
no resonances.

Anybody with a modicum of amp experience understands the basics and the 
Heath choke fits the job.

It should be relatively easy to wind one also given the requirements as with 
such a low inductance it would require a lot of work to have a resonance 
below 30 MHz.


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> at 3.5 MHz, that 50 microhenries has an inductive reactance of 1100 ohms, 
> and needs an extra 50pF of plate tuning capacity. Now let's assume a plate 
> voltage of say 2500 volt and a minimum  plate voltage at the bottom of the 
> swing of 500 volts. That's 2kV peak or 1400 volts rms of RF across the 
> choke or roughly 1.27 Amps of RF current in the choke on 80m - in addition 
> to the DC. Now let's assume a good choke with a Q of 150. That's about 7 
> ohms of RF resistance and thus about 12 watts dissipated in the choke. Of 
> course, it could be worse....
> Now look at the bypass cap at the HV end of the choke. Assume a 0.005 
> mFd - not an untypical value. That has XC = 18 ohms at 3.5 MHz so we have 
> around 23 volts of RF across the bypass cap - which needs to be rated for 
> 1.3 amps of RF..
> All of which is why you really need a choke - capacitor - choke - 
> capacitor - HV feed arrangement. OK, hams have got away without for years. 
> So have a lot of drunks who drive.....
> I believe you need a much bigger choke or possibly a couple of chokes in 
> series......
> 73
> Peter G3RZP
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