[Amps] Turns counters

Robert Mccormack zl1aih at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 3 23:47:47 EST 2014

Hi Denis,

I can't help you with vacuum relay or electronic turns counters.

The best roller coils I have seen are those salvaged from the WW2 RCA Canadian AT3
transmitter in which there were four units, 24 microHenry, using 7mm by 2mm copper bar
formed into a 26 turn 90mm diameter coil, two rollers and massive ceramic end plates and
shaft couplers, complete with turns counters.

Very conservative design for two 813s in Class C. <G>

I use one in a 1 kW HB amp and another in an ATU.   
Neither change temperature after 10 minute key-down into a dummy load.





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What are folks using with vac relays, roller coasters etc. these days? 
I've seen various historical posts, on this reflector, and the offering
from Max Gain Systems seems OK - except that as usual, it all gets a bit
more expensive by the time we pay the fines (sorry, I meant taxes) to
import to the UK.

I was wondering if anyone has designed or produced any kind of electronic
turns counter?  I had a look around the web, and didn't find anything very
helpful.  Perhaps this is an area where more complex electronics would
either be an unnecessary cost, or be vulnerable to RFI...and therefore the
mechanical products would be more suitable anyway?

If the mechanical option is the best one, are there any European sources?



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