[Amps] Sources for 3PDT RF Relay - Rated 15KW+

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Thu Feb 20 16:58:26 EST 2014

This is to switch-in and out additional inductance at the
base of a 43' vertical for 160 & 80m.

It will occasionally be challenged with a 1KW+ (PEP) amp.

I was directed here:

> ###  Does it have  to be a 3PDT ? Is this for a TR relay in an
> amp..non qsk of course ? What bands does it have to operate on.  Huge
> difference between 80m....and 10m.
> ##  You need a relay that will handle 20A  of RF..at the highest freq
> you operate on.
> ##  If this is for the output of a linear..a better solution is to
> use paralleled Gigavac  G2 relays.   That combo will handle 20 A  CCS
> on 10M band.  Sped up they will operate  and RLS in 2.5 msecs...so
> they can be used qsk.
> Jim   VE7RF
> I need a 3PDT RF relay rated for 15KW or better.
> Is the $38.95 Array Solutions relay the best, perhaps only, option?


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