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The late Jim Ringland, W8JIN, had a great amplifier built into his  
wall next to the shack desk which had a door in the front which  
allowed the changing of 'plug-in' coils for the finals.  This door had  
two interlocks to cut off the HV to the finals and ground the plates  
of the tubes.
One day, he opened the door and reached in to change band coils and  
got ZAPPED by the HV ... throwing him across his desk to the far wall,  
upside down behind the desk.
It seems BOTH interlocks had failed SIMULTANEOUSLY!

RIP Jim ... and the ZAP was not the cause of his demise, though it  
took a while for the burns on his hands to heal.


Quoting Vic Rosenthal K2VCO <k2vco.vic at gmail.com>:

> No, the breaker was OK. I have a 20A breaker on the amp, a 25A one on
> the wall of the shack, and a 30A one at the service entrance. All three
> opened up properly. But the relay that controls the primary of the
> transformer stuck shut.
> On 2/23/2014 5:29 PM, Tom Osborne wrote:
>> On 2/23/2014 8:23 AM, Fuqua, Bill L wrote:
>>>   I always liked the front panel circuit breaker on commercial
>>> equipment that
>>> is a sure fire way to remove all power in the instrument, except the
>>> line going to
>>> the breaker from the external power cord.
>>> 73
>>> Bill wa4lav
>> I think that he said a 30 amp breaker welded itself shut.  Would
>> probably do that on a panel mounted breaker, too.  73
>> Tom W7WHY
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