[Amps] High current RF decoupling capacitors

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another option http://www.dalicap.com/e_index.htm

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Thanks, John. Baruch/4Z4RB just suggested the same thing. They look
better for high frequencies than the leaded disc ceramics that
Ian/GM3SEK pointed me towards. However, there doesn't seem to be a UK
distributor for ATC capacitors and as far as I can see their European
guy in Italy doesn't carry them. For a more demanding application I
would import some direct from the US but for this use (only to 10.1MHz)
I'll go with the readily available Murata discs.

73, Alan G3XAQ

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> Subject: [Amps] High current RF decoupling capacitors
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> I suggest the ATC series of flat strip multilayer ceramic capacitors
> like these:
> http://www.atceramics.com/Product/39/900_C_Series_X7R_Ceramic_RF_Power_Multilayer_Capacitors_%28MLCs%29
> 73
> John
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