[Amps] Weird Tubes

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Wed Jan 29 22:32:36 EST 2014

  I picked up an old HB amplifier that had two VT-127 triodes in it at Dayton a few years back.
Just could not resist it.
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I recently built a class C amp using a push-pull pair of VT-127As.  These tubes
are WW2 radar
tubes; sort of a cross between a 100TH and 100TL.  The glass is much different.
 Looks like a spaceman.
The partially completed modulator will use a pair of VT-327As; a very similar
tube, but with twice the
filament power.  The setup should put out 500 watts of AM, or CW.

The reason I'm building this rig is that a high school buddy, Scott, W7TLZ's
father (a ham) built him
a pair of VT-127As for 40M CW.  When I saw that rig, with the plates glowing
bright red each time
hit the key, I almost cried.

Then I went home and looked at my single 6L6 rig.

Well, Scott is now SK, so the rig I'm building is the "W7TLZ Memorial

73, Barrie, W7ALW (since 1950)
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