[Amps] damping resistances

donroden at hiwaay.net donroden at hiwaay.net
Sat Jul 19 16:17:16 EDT 2014

Quoting John Lyles <jtml at losalamos.com>:
> In cavity circuits, we can use  damping resistances instead of  
> parasitic suppressors

I installed an RCA 20KW FM transmitter in 1976 that included a couple of
ceramic insulators that supported a 50 ohm /100 watt film resistor in  
the cavity. There were brass dipole elements on each end of the  

I looked on the schematic to see which wires connected to the resistor.....
I couldn't even find the resistor on the schematic.

There was a brief mention of the resistor and it's function in the  
instruction manual.

Don R  W4DNR

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