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Wed Oct 8 06:35:14 EDT 2014

Hello Han,

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014,  you wrote:

> hi George-san and all

> I think HV6-1 is equivalent to GI HVPR10-MX12.

> I have measured forward voltages of these diode modules 
> using a CVCC power supply with 100-mA current.

> Assuming each of the diode in a string exhibits 0.7 V forward
> voltage one can presume how many series diodes are in 
> the module.

> GI HVPR10-MX12 6.36 V: 9 diodes
> EDHD 15k 10.67 V per a leg: 15 diodes x 2 (which I am using)
> SEMITECH KV-PAC SDHD-15k 12.97 V per a leg: 18 diodes x 2
> Toshiba S5166A (13 kV 500 mA) 14.0 V: 20 diodes

> I think 10 x 1kV 1A diodes in series is OK as an alternative.

> de Han JE1BMJ 

Has  anyone  experimented  with  home "potting" diode strings to make
their  own  blocks?  I  am  curious  about diode lead length, physical
orientation, and potting compound used. thanks.

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