[Amps] solid state amps

Dick Hanson dick at dkhanson.com
Fri Oct 17 18:00:49 EDT 2014

Glad to see all the really interesting thread comments from a number of
known amp builders.


Since some of the builders have extensive uWave experience and know a fair
amount about available devices etc, I think it will be sooner than later to
see 2-pallet 2 device 2KW out amps.

I've been using a W6PQL 2 pallet (BLF188XRs) 50MHz amp since just before the
June contest with excellent results.

Jim uses a number of very quiet fans to cool the various components, and
this scheme seems to work very well, even with JT65.


Looking forward to a 2 device HF amp one of these days, maybe this year?

Final thought: as I age (74), I'm thinking it would more difficult to off
myself with 50VDC compared to my homebrew tube amps J.



Dick, K5AND

Austin, TX



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