[Amps] peak voltage rating for load cap

Alek Petkovic vk6apk at bigpond.com
Sat Aug 19 07:42:21 EDT 2017

I always thought, that for the loading capacitor, you just use the old 
"Power = V squared over R" formula.

You know R is 50 Ohms, and you supposedly know the power, so you can 
work out the voltage from there.

For example, for an output power of 2kW, V squared will be 100,000, 
therefore V will be 316V.

Your 1200V capacitor will do the job with adequate headroom., when your 
system is all tuned and matched.

73, Alek. VK6APK

On 19/08/2017 6:07 PM, Conrad PA5Y wrote:
> Hello what is the rule of thumb for conservatively estimating the 
> required ratings for a load capacitor when used with a mono band Pi-L 
> tank circuit?
> Anode voltage 2750V
> Tube design RL = 2600 ohms
> Q = 12
> I have searched on the internet an I cannot find any really convincing 
> info, I have something that will stand 1200V but that is marginal and 
> will not survive a fault I expect.
> Alternatively does anyone have a small vac variable around 40-60pF 
> that is around 3 inches/76mm? That will obviously do the job.
> Also where can I buy a couple of Ohmite Z-50 chokes in Europe? Anyone 
> got one or two that they can spare?
> Regards
> Conrad PA5Y
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