[Amps] NXP 65V LDMOS 1K80H-1800W

Manfred Mornhinweg manfred at ludens.cl
Sat Dec 23 15:18:10 EST 2017


I can't resist the evil temptation of advertising more modern
technology! Regarding the problem you see in 1500W amps using 65V LDMOSFETs:

> Biggest issue I see for home builder is getting a 65V ~50A
 > power supply.

The solution I consider most reasonable is to use some sort of highly 
efficient amplifier rather than an old-tech, low efficiency, plain 
class-AB one. In that case all you need for 1500W output is a 50V 40A 
server power supply, which are plentiful as surplus, and dirt cheap.

Back to the workbench now. I'm working precisely on that. The parts 
recently arrived, after a long wait.


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