[Amps] Clipperton L

Alek Petkovic vk6apk at bigpond.com
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Yes. The HV probe is the first thing.

Then, change out those metering resistors as well, while you're at it. 
Make up the 3 megohms with a string of smaller value, appropriately 
rated resistors.

It may bring your voltage reading back up to normal. If this is the 
case, then you merely have a soft set of 572B tubes.

73, Alek.

On 22/07/2017 6:41 AM, Jim W7RY wrote:
> I would suspect the electrolytics. But without proper test equipment 
> your just guessing. As suggested, a HV probe. And most good DVMs have 
> a capacitor checker built in.
> Good luck
> 73
> Jim W7RY
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> Subject: [Amps] Clipperton L
> Update: just checked the transformer primary: appears to be fine (both 
> halves).
> Put it back together and turned it on again, and was surprised to see 
> Vp now at 1700 volts, then realized that was in SSB, so it's still 1kv 
> low.
> At 1700 volts, I can get about 600w on 40,20 and 15. Which, accounting 
> for efficiency, is probably right about what you can expect for 1kw DC.
> So am I right in thinking all signs point to the HV circuit? Something 
> in the voltage doubler? Could a leaky bypass cap (which is upstream of 
> the ‘fuses’ (a pair of 1 ohm resistors paralleled and in series 
> between PS and plate choke) drag down the voltage?
> (In case you’re just arriving in this thread: yes, the primary circuit 
> is wired correctly for 120v; no, the circuit board has not been 
> rewired to accommodate 811s, no fuses blow and no smoke has been 
> released (yet).)
> 73, kelly, ve4xt
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