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I would suspect the electrolytics. But without proper test equipment your 
just guessing. As suggested, a HV probe. And most good DVMs have a capacitor 
checker built in.

Good luck
Jim W7RY

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Update: just checked the transformer primary: appears to be fine (both 

Put it back together and turned it on again, and was surprised to see Vp now 
at 1700 volts, then realized that was in SSB, so it's still 1kv low.

At 1700 volts, I can get about 600w on 40,20 and 15. Which, accounting for 
efficiency, is probably right about what you can expect for 1kw DC.

So am I right in thinking all signs point to the HV circuit? Something in 
the voltage doubler? Could a leaky bypass cap (which is upstream of the 
‘fuses’ (a pair of 1 ohm resistors paralleled and in series between PS and 
plate choke) drag down the voltage?

(In case you’re just arriving in this thread: yes, the primary circuit is 
wired correctly for 120v; no, the circuit board has not been rewired to 
accommodate 811s, no fuses blow and no smoke has been released (yet).)

73, kelly, ve4xt
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