[Amps] Clipperton L

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at me.com
Sat Jul 22 14:07:24 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Great group of hams here. Many weighed in. 

Figured out the issue: though it came with 572b tubes, someone had swapped transformer secondary wires as part of an 811 conversion. Fortunately, the mod doesn't mess with the PS HV board, just changes two wire connections. The mod was featured in an old edition of CQ. (Or maybe 73.)

It's pretty clear now why I was only seeing 275 vac and 660 vac out of the transformer: the mod makes the old "low" setting the "high" setting, while the "low" setting now just accesses the difference between high and low. Access to the full secondary isn't here. Rewriting it is easy. 

What sense it made to give the amp access to the 275vac, I don't know.

Explains why the amp meets output specs on the high setting, too. 

73, kelly, ve4xt, 

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