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Sri Al but it is you who are mixing terms.
Single distillation does not completely purify water, because of
contaminants with similar boiling points and droplets of unvaporised liquid
carried with the steam. However, 99.9% pure water can be obtained by
distillation. Deionization can be used to further purify distilled water.
There is distilled water, deionized water, and the purist
distilled-deionized water. Ask a chemist who measures trace elements in
parts per billion (ppb) or parts per trillion (ppt).


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You are mixing terms. Or. more specifically, using the terms as a surrogates
for other things.

Distilled water is deionized.  That does not mean it is the same in every
respects as deionized water made by another method. You can deionize (more
specifically demineralize) water by a number of processes including reverse
osmosis, electrolysis and distillation. Distilled water has no ions in it.
It is as non-conductive as deionized water made by any other means. It
contains no mineral ions, I.e. it is deionized.  I'm not making this up. 

All distilled water is deionized. Not all deionized water is distilled. Do
you see the logic here?

As to whether one method yields water that  is more "corrosive" than
another, call me highly skeptical but willing to learn. 

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Sorry, but that is not true.  I too used to think of distilled water as
being neutral, but, "pure, distilled water is highly corrosive and will
suck up metallic ions like mad.

Water is one of the best mediums for heat transfer, however, tap water
would work well in a SS amp with the heat sink/spreader at chassis
ground potential. Tap water would not wok in a tupe amp where it has to
cool the anode of a tube at a high potential.

I worked with this stuff (DI & Distilled)  for close to 20 years.


Roger (K8RI)

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